Minggu, 24 Februari 2013


WOW. who knew thomas jefferson was such an amazing talent? apparently everyone but myself!
we visited his home "monticello" last sunday and the tour was BEYOND amazing. .....charlottesville is a beautiful place to visit anyway, but seeing jefferson's house, his masterpiece of a home......AMAZING!
not only did he design all the window treatments, but he shopped for all the fabrics in paris-LOVE YOU TOM!!
and his house is full of angles-i'm an angle girl so this was fun. octagons everywhere and skylights too. a self taught architect, jefferson's creations in charlottesville (which also include the university of virginia) are a treat to see!! what an impression this day has made on us!!

R is equally excited about the fantastic railings!

a bed built into the wall-SOOOOOO cool. what an innovative idea!

love this life size satue of thomas jefferson....he was 6"2"...a giant for back then!

it was a great day!

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